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The Sevilla approach to editing prioritizes your intentions and practices compassion through every step of the process. Through feedback that hones in on your strengths and unique perspective, you'll develop everything from your sentences to the story threads to the writing process itself.

Our Editing Services

Virtual Writing Sessions

Work one-on-one with an editor in an hour-long video session designed to address your creative writing goals. The conversation is guided by your intentions and questions, as well as feedback on up to 20 double-spaced pages of prose or 5 poems. (Editors read ahead of time, so make sure it's in their inbox a week before your session.) Rates vary.

Book Coaching

Strengthen your writing habits with motivation and reading, realistic goal setting, and in-depth conversations about your work. Every Sunday, you'll receive an accountability email designed to meet the needs and scope of your long-term project. Later in the week, we'll video chat for an hour about your progress and work. $130/two weeks

Manuscript Development

Already finished a manuscript? We’ll help you polish the prose with line edits, marginal notes, and summarized feedback. Periodic phone calls about your work included! est. Rates vary.


Sevilla meets you where you're at, no matter what stage of the process. Want an editor recommendation?

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"Incredible! Sevilla has shown me... [how] to elevate my characters, sentences, plots, and story-arcs."



Lyndsay Hall in her own words

Maybe it’s the state of the world right now, but I propose a kind, empowering approach to editing, one that leaves the client feeling inspired instead of defeated. I’m always going to highlight your strengths, not to soften the blow of critique, but to examine where and how you shine as a writer. I believe your work already holds all of the answers to your questions and solutions to hang-ups in the prose—my job is to unlock the potential living there and guide you through the writing process with compassion. Whether you're unsure where a story is going or how a story should start, I’ll meet you where you’re at that day or week. I believe we are most productive when we feel our work has value and gives us value. So, throughout each session, I want you to feel heard and comfortable.

That all said, you will have your work cut out for you: I will help you more deeply develop your characters, finesse the threads in your plot, consider the effectiveness of your decisions, and tackle bad habits. But, y’know, kindly :).



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What our clients say

"Lyndsay is a genuine and enthusiastic editor. She is insightful and offers thoughtful feedback. Her knowledge of structure, grammar, and style was so helpful in shaping my book into the one I had envisioned. She truly cares about her work and the people she works with. She intuitively seemed to find the areas I had doubts about and offered helpful suggestions and clarity without being presumptuous."


"Lyndsay has helped edit numerous papers of mine, from grad school application essays to papers for my doctorate's degree. She provided prompt feedback and helped me become more creative in my writing style. I have taken her notes and suggestions and applied them to my other work. She is very professional and I will definitely be using her for my future writing and publications!"


"I came to Lyndsay unsure. Unsure about my book topic, unsure about my writing voice, and unsure about my outline. With a sincere level of interest and insightful experience, she turned my uncertainty into excitement and confidence."


"Incredible! In everything, from the virtual conference to book and career coaching, Sevilla has shown me enriching perspectives on my work and brilliant ideas to organize and elevate my characters, sentences, plots, and story-arcs."


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