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Our Mission

Sevilla Writers House aspires to engage the writer in every person and help every writer craft the story they dream to tell.

Our Guiding Beliefs

  1. Everyone has within them a story worth sharing and reading.

  2. It is better to ask questions and have conversation than to obliterate pages with red ink.

  3. Your story, your voice.

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Our Roots

TL;DR: Writer, editor, and teacher Lyndsay Hall founded Sevilla Writers House in 2015 as a Los Angeles literary sanctuary that hosted bi-weekly workshops and seasonal readings. In 2019, Sevilla expanded to include coaching and manuscript consultations.


The Full Story

Sevilla Writers House is named after an apartment building on Miami Beach and the building that houses writing classes at New York University. The former, Sevilla Plaza, is where SWH founder Lyndsay Hall moved after leaving a long-term, unhealthy relationship. The latter, the Lillian Vernon Writers House, is where Lyndsay went soon after to return to her roots as a writer.

She founded Sevilla in 2015 as a small literary community that met every other week in a friend’s living room; over the years, she’s hosted many readings at the NoHo Lit Crawl and Stories Books and Cafe in Los Angeles. Throughout that time, Sevilla remained a side project and far away dream while she worked full-time in nonprofits teaching creative writing and earning her Master of Fine Arts with a focus in fiction and creative nonfiction.

In 2019, Sevilla Writers House expanded to include coaching and manuscript consultations. Over the last five years, Lyndsay has been paid to work in one-on-one and group settings as an instructor, editor, and motivator to writers of all ages (no, seriously: as young as five and as old as… well somebody who’s lived long enough to reasonably have a five-year-old grandchild or two). When working with clients, she prioritizes their hopes, dreams, and intentions, helping clients tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell the way they want to tell it.